Mini kitchen with refrigerator
Bathroom with shower, toilet and washing machine

Mini apartment module
13.890 € + VAT + Transport

FREE Transport with purchasing 2 containers

Special Offer - 4990 € + VAT + Transport
Office / Residential container

FREE Transport with purchasing 2 containers

Monoblock Container: 7.980 €
+ VAT + Transport

Sanitary container with 6 showers

Modular Container: 10.980 €
+ VAT + Transport

FREE Transport with purchasing 2 containers

Sanitary container with 6 toilets
Special price: 8.990 €+ VAT + Transport

FREE Transport with purchasing 2 containers

Sanitary container with 3 showers and 3 toilets
Special price: 10.280 €+ VAT + Transport

We offer you the space solution you need for your business, adapted to your needs.

Office and sanitary complex


arbicontainer GmbH

German Distributor

Complete solutions for residential and sanitary containers

 arbicontainer GmbH is the specialist that you need in obtaining the best space solution for your project by being quick, cost-effective and responsive to your needs.

Our modular containers represent flexible space solutions that are manufactured with low production cost within a short timeframe.

  Our team is at your disposal from your first contact to the completion of your project, as well as afterwards and can be reached by e-mail, telephone or personally on site. We will gladly provide advice in your planning.

 We make sure that all our products are built with the highest professionalism using only high quality materials while offering our clients support and accessibility.

Our containers can be used in many fields of activity.

  We offer you the necessary services so you can run your business in the best conditions. Our solutions contain the best practices using our experience.

arbicontainer special offer:

24 Months warranty *

Free transport **

* in accordance with the user manual instructions | ** (with purchasing 2 containers)

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Why choose our containers?

Fast execution

Our solutions integrate the best practices by using our experience.

Quick assembly

Our containers are flat-packed


Our containers can be personalized

Our containers can be used as:

Locker rooms
Construction site